Church Heating Study Day 2014


As part of the University of Edinburgh’s Innovative Learning Week 2014, Dimitri Mignard and Jean Carletta led an exploration of energy use and thermal comfort in one of Edinburgh’s best-known churches, St John’s Princes Street.

Dimitri demonstrating sling psychrometer
Dimitri demonstrating sling psychrometer

These are the research questions we set out to address.

  • Besides air temperature, what is important for making the building comfortable?
  • Where should the room thermostat be? Should there be more than one, and if so, should they be averaged, or should the system use the minimum? Maximum?
  • How much heat is lost through the ceiling vents? How much ventilation is too much? Would it help to insulate those parts of the ceiling that could be done?
  • Where are the worst draughts that affect people, and what could be done to shift them? Who gets the coziest seats?

You can find more information and the results on pages in this part of the website:

This event was made possible by support from two schools at the  University of Edinburgh (the School of Engineering, and the  School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture) and from the Beltane Public Engagement Network.  We are grateful for their support, as well as for St John’s willingness to host us.  We had a lot of fun and are already thinking about how to make it even better next year.

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